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An Evolved Approach to Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition

Providing entrepreneurs the capital, technology, and operational support needed to create exceptional outcomes.

We are there every step of your journey

Raising Your Fund

We actively help our searchers identify additional potential funding partners.

Your Search & Company Acquisition

From Prospecting to LOI, from Deal Diligence to Closing and Board Composition we have a team of accomplished individuals for you to lean on every step of the way.

Running The Business

Run by Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs, Next Coast is uniquely endowed with multiple highly accomplished operators who were themselves successful searchers; we and our Entrepreneurs' Council bring you real world wisdom at the moments you need it most.

Selling Your Business

Having transacted on both sides of the fence multiple times, our team provides real-time guidance and structured support to maximize returns for you and your investors.

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Helping Searchers Find Success

Next Coast ETA, founded in 2020 by a group of top performing searchers, looks to invest in the best and the brightest future CEOs, helping them find, run, grow and sell a business to outsized returns in the lower to middle market. From business prospecting to financial diligence, from deal structure to board support, digital transformation and exit guidance, we support our searchers every step of the way.

Our Approach

Experienced operators.
Demonstrated track record.

Across 30+ individual and fund investments, the Next Coast ETA partnership has led two of the highest performing Searches in the history of the asset class via ServiceSource and ProService.

  • The Next Coast Investment Committee has 75+ years of investment experience combined with decades of hands-on operational know-how
  • Our deep-rooted, tenured relationships within the ETA community and related supporting resources make us a go to in the ETA space
  • Significant domain expertise in both financial due diligence and budding technology make us a crossroads for lower middle market and tech

You’re in good company

“Anthony, Tatiana, and the Next Coat ETA team have been invaluable throughout my search process.  Whether it's providing thought-partnership with industry selection, support with modeling, or connecting me with additional resources, they have helped me at each step of the process.  I'd choose to partner with them again and again.”

Tarra Sharp
JH Macon Capital

Anthony, Tatiana, and the Next Coast ETA team have been amazing partners during both our search and operating phase. Their vast experience and ability to provide quick feedback has been a major contributor to our success.

Joe Odell
Pharmacy Specialists

What sets us apart

Our well-proven model helps aspiring entrepreneurs find great businesses

With a leadership team that includes some of the highest ETA returns to date, we know what it means to be in all the peaks and valleys associated with this career choice. At our core, the partners of Next Coast ETA are operators who have run the full search-to-exit cycle and have real world knowledge about what it takes to achieve outsized returns for your investors.

Our well-proven model help aspiring entrepreneurs find great businesses

We help our searchers optimize technology at all points of their search and operations

Tech is a fundamental piece of everything we do today. Entrepreneurs can no longer deprioritize technology in the lower/middle market. Tech is ubiquitous and critical in a CEO's playbook. Strongly aligned with our sister fund Next Coast Ventures, which focuses on early stage tech, we have a perspective on technology unique to the ETA market. We help our operators navigate the technology landscape.

We help our searchers optimize technology at all points of their search and operations.

We are a community of founders, advisors, investors, and operators

With over 25 years of successful operating and investing in and around the ETA ecosystem, our team is embedded in the current trends and opportunities affecting the search model. We are thought-leaders on emerging themes for acquisition and are couriers of current information to our searchers regarding new and innovative ways to produce promising deal flow, quality acquisitions and meaningful exits.

We are a community of founders, advisors, investors, and operators.

We recognize the value of diverse backgrounds, mindsets, and ideas

Our in-depth criteria used in vetting searchers continues to produce a rich, vibrant and representative tapestry of searchers. We celebrate the diversity of the entrepreneur and will continue to strive for a unique mix of searchers representing our fund investments.

We recognize the value of diverse backgrounds, mindsets, and ideas.

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